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Dizon Copper Silver Mines, Inc. (DCSMI – the Company) is a corporation registered under the laws of the Philippines primarily organized as a mining corporation. Redridge Resources Corporation is the subsidiary of the Company

Our Company

Business Profile

Dizon Copper Silver Mines, Inc.  is a stock corporation duly organized on August 18, 1966 under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines to acquire, purchase, lease, hold, work and operates mines, mining claims, grounds or lodes in the Philippines or in foreign countries.  Its registered offered address is 7th Floor Peaksun Building, 1550 Princeton Street, Barangay Wack-Wack, Greenhill East, Mandaluyong City.  The Company is in the business of mining and was listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) in 1988.  

On 15 June 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the Amended to the Articles of Incorporation extending the life of the company for another fifty (50) years from 17 August 2016 to 16 August 2066.

The purposes for which DCMSI was formed are:

“To acquire, purchase, lease, hold, work and operate mines, mining claims, grounds and lobes in the Philippines or other countries; to mine, quarry, work and develop mining grounds, claims or lobes, mining and minerals rights; to crush, concentrate, smelt, refiner, dress, amalgamate and prepare for market ores, metal and mineral substances of all kinds, and to do all other acts and things necessary or conducive to the company’s objects, including the erection or buildings or works, and the installing of machinery and appliances or every description whenever required; to mortgage any mining grounds, claims or lobes, mining and mineral rights, or other property belonging to said company and to issue bonds of the company whenever it may be determined to do so.” (Amended Articles of Incorporation)



DCSMI will always strive for excellence.   DCSMI will undertake to be responsible for the care and preservation of the environment.

Core Values

The Company’s Board of Directors, Management Team and Executive Officers

It is the Board of Directors’ (Board) responsibility to foster the long-term success of the Corporation, and to sustain its competitiveness and profitability in a manner consistent with corporate objectives and the best interests of shareholders. The Board’s role is one of stewardship. It is mandated to take care of the interests of the shareholders and protect their investments through the implementation of sound corporate policies and plans while maintaining its independent assessment on Management’s performance.

As currently provided under its By-laws, the Board is composed of Eleven (11) Directors including two (2) Independent Directors.

The membership of the Board may be a combination of Executive and Non-Executive Directors (which include independent directors) in order that no director or small group of directors can dominate the decision-making process.

The non-executive directors should possess such qualifications and stature that would enable them to effectively participate in the deliberations of the Board.

For the year 2018 to 2019, the Company’s Board of Directors, Management Team and Executive Officers are as follows:

Board of Directors

[Directors Profile (pdf)]

Regular Directors

  1. Delfin S. Castro, Jr.
  2. Antonio Victoriano Gregorio III
  3. Raymond T. Koa
  4. David O. Chua
  5. Leonardo B. Cua
  6. Reyno D. Dizon
  7. Richard N. Palou

Independent Directors

  1. Manuel G. Ong
  2. Benjamin I. Espiritu
Name of CommitteesMembersPosition/Designation in Committee
Audit CommitteeBenjamin EspirituChairman
 Antonio Victoriano Gregorio IIIMember
 Manuel OngMember
Governance CommitteeBenjamin EspirituChairman
 Manuel OngMember
 David ChuaMember
Risk Management CommitteeBenjamin EspirituChairman
 Delfin S. Castro Jr.Member
 Richard N. PalouMember
Compensation CommitteeAntonio Victoriano Gregorio IIIChairman
 Delfin S. Castro Jr.Member
 Richard N. PalouMember
Nomination CommitteeDelfin S. Castro Jr.Chairman
 Antonio Victoriano Gregorio IIIMember
 Benjamin EspirituMember

Management Team and Executive Officers



Delfin S. Castro, Jr

Chairman / President

Antonio Victoriano F. Gregorio III


Francis V. Gustilo

Corporate Secretary / Disclosure Officer

Venus Gregorio

Asst. Corporate Secretary/ Corporate Information Officer

Reyno Dizon

Disclosure Officer

[Executive Officers Profile (pdf)]

Organizational Chart

Corporate Structure

SHAREHOLDING STRUCTURE as of December 31, 2019


101,250,000 shares divided into P 1.00 per share



Number of Shares








Treasury Shares







Category of Shareholders

Number of Shares

% of Issued Shares

Total Number of Shares owned by Public



Treasury Shares



Total Number of Non-Public Shares



Number of Stockholders



Articles of incorporation and by-laws and all amendments

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Certificate of Filing of Amended Articles of Incorporation ]